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Our goal at NSC Diversified is to make doing business with us 100% risk free. Our partnership with MSE is just one of the steps we have taken to make this possible for you, our customers.

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NSC is a proud partner of Hewlett-Packard. We offer a full listing of HP products.
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MSE Technology and Innovation

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Patents and InnovationsMSE Now Has 21 Patents and 20 Patent-Pending Technologies!

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MSE's patented innovations were created to overcome the technological challenges faced by the market. Employing original cartridge designs and utilizing the Intelligent Re-Engineering approach, MSE applies research, testing and implementation in production environments for a reliable, consistent user experience.

Green InitiativesHelp save the planet with every page you print

NSC Printer, Fax and Copier SuppliesRemanufactured cartridges from NSC/MSE not only provide you a high-quality product at a reasonable price, they are part of a multi-layered recycling and environmental sustainability program that reduces your carbon footprint. read more...

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The Printer Doctor services all brands of copiers, printers, fax machines, plotters and receipt printers. NSC Diversified is an HP Business Partner and a warranty shop for most major brands including Xerox and Epson.NSC: Warranty Shop


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MSE’s Intelligent Re-Engineering™ approach is the creation of a new benchmark for quality.
It is an evolution beyond traditional re-manufacturing and stands side by side with the OEM. Intelligent Re-Engineering encompasses a Cradle-to-Grave approach to aftermarket toner cartridge production, employing exhaustive Research and Development (R&D) and OEM benchmarking. After benchmarking, MSE creates proprietary and patented production processes, and conducts extensive Quality Control (QC) methodologies and postproduction audit protocols. The end result of these procedures is the market’s best products and a true alternative to the OEM.


Secondary Cleaning System (SCS)MSE’s Solution to Cleaning & Streaking Issues

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The Secondary Cleaning System (SCS) is the embodiment of Intelligent Re-Engineering -- the aftermarket’s first patent-pending invention of a new critical cartridge component not present in the OEM cartridge! The component, a secondary cleaning roller, keeps the PCR thoroughly clean of toner buildup, which transfers to the OPC and paper through the cartridge's life cycle. This innovation virtually eliminates backgrounding, streaking, and dirty print. The results are pristinely clean prints from start to finish! SCS is a scalable technology, and can be employed in multiple cartridges to eliminate these industry-wide issues.

Research and DevelopmentMSE has the most exhaustive R&D Methodology in the industry!

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MSE’s R&D methodology is the most exhaustive in the Industry. The critical component analysis relies upon state-of-the-art equipment and highly refined testing. This allows MSE to create the OEM benchmark for performance.  Also, MSE has unique partnerships with world-renowned manufacturers of raw materials. This allows for proprietary co-developed combinations that ensure OEM reliability and performance.


5 Step Quality Control ProtocolMSE's Quality Control Commitment is extensive!

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Long-term quality and reliability is the foundation of customer satisfaction. MSE understands that without strict adherence to quality standards, you simply can't compete. The responsibility of MSE’s Quality Control Team is to be an in-house, independent testing laboratory.

Advanced Color TechnologiesFIRST and ONLY alternative to high priced original color toner cartridges!

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Advanced Color Technologies is part of MSE's Intelligent Re-Engineering approach.  MSE has spent the last 9 years continually reinvesting in technology and innovation to get to this point.  

Partnered with world-class innovators in supplies and distribution, NSC delivers unbeatable value.